The Hong Kong Arts Festival Asia Pacific Dance Platform IX was an evening that raised the frequently asked question about what kind of animal (or vege...


Dancer: Ivy Amista, Osiel Gouneo

Photo: Wilfried Hösl

Despite or maybe because of its seeming absurdity, La Bayadere, in both its literal (libretto) an...


Photo: Christopher Duggan

When I took my seat in the Lyric Theatre to watch ETM: Double Down, I knew exactly what I was in for – incredible tap dance t...

Works & Process Rotunda Project: Michelle Dorrance with Nicholas Van Young, 16 February 2017, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Rotunda.

Photo: Matthew Mur...


Photo: Robert Benschop

Sometimes an impeccably joyful and engaging yet simple idea or rationale can spring from a dance show.

Netherlands dance company...


Allegro Brillante, Choreographer: George Balanchine; Dancers: Carl van Godtsenhoven, Flemming Puthenpurayil, Francesco Leonep

Photo: Charles Tandy 


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