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1. 相片由城市當代舞蹈團提供 Photo provided by City Contemporary Dance Company


In this magnificent work, Helen Lai transports us to the magical realist realm of Macondo bringing to life the remarkable Buendía family. Whether in phantasmagorical scenes crowded with torrents of ensemble movement or in stark and spare solos and duets, Lai invests the dance with a deeply felt and passionate embrace of life, and its inevitable passing.”

2. 相片由香港藝術節提供

Photo provided by Hong Kong Arts Festival

黎海寧 黎海寧為城市當代舞蹈團創團成員,並曾擔任舞團藝術總監及駐團編舞家。其創作元素跨越不同文化及藝術領域,加上熱愛文學,創作靈感甚廣,由楚辭到卡夫卡,由卡爾維諾到其他西方文豪;作品沉練細膩,充滿音樂性及戲劇性。重要作品包括《九歌》、《隱形城市》、《革命京劇——九七封印》、《Plaza X與異變街道》、《畸人說夢》等。黎海寧的編舞讓她成為香港舞蹈界一個重要的人物,獲獎無數。

Helen Lai A founding member of CCDC, Helen Lai served as its Artistic Director from 1985 to 1989 and Resident Choreographer from 1991 to 2011. Lai’s works are cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary. A keen reader, Lai often draws ideas for her work from literature, be it Chinese classics or works by Kafka, Calvino, or other Western literary giants, and has a profound love and knowledge of music. These elements are key to her subtle, exquisite, and moving dance creations. Lai’s major works include Nine Songs, Invisible Cities, Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (Millennium Mix), Plaza X, and The Comedy of K. Her choreography has earned her a prominent place in Hong Kong dance and she has received multiple awards.

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