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伍宇烈1996年的經典之作《男生》多年後化身成不加鎖舞踊館的《男生• 男再生》,並獲得了香港舞蹈年獎2016的「傑出獨立舞蹈製作」。原班舞者人馬,加上由王榮祿編舞的《男再生》,這個變奏版幽默,但也觸動人心,向我們呈現出兩代男兒如何在充滿未知的香港裡,探索夢想、理想和面對茫茫前路時的恐懼。

Often funny, sometimes deeply moving, the production revisits Yuri Ng’s iconic 1996 work Boy Story, reuniting many members of the original cast, and pairs it with a new piece, Reborn, choreographed by Ong Yong-lock. The result is a riveting and revealing exploration of the dreams, aspirations, and fears of two different generations facing times of uncertainty in Hong Kong.



Boy Story.Reborn

Hong Kong choreographer Yuri Ng crafted Boy Story for six male dancers in 1996. Nineteen years later, the cast from Malaysia and Taiwan with Ong Yong Lock, Artistic Director of Unlock Dancing Plaza, and the dancers from the premiere are reunited to revive the classic, that production was renamed Boy Story.Reborn. The original work explored anxiety and reservation in the local community over the handover of Hong Kong in the run-up to 1997. It portrays boys’ romantic and persistent pursuit of dreams in the city through body and posture. The new production sets out to subvert the pretty impressions of the past and presents the new generation’s fearless and aggressive approach to life and renewal.

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1. 攝影Photographer: KW@Ilight Photography

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