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In decades of work devoted to the art of dance, Sin Yuen has inspired audiences, students, and professionals with his commitment to excellence and his dedication to the development of Chinese dance in Hong Kong and on the Mainland. His rich, varied, and comprehensive artistic knowledge and experience has given him a unique perspective. His work with organizations and individuals across the spectrum of the Hong Kong dance scene has immeasurably contributed to the development of Chinese dance in Hong Kong.

Sin Yuen was amongst the first nationally and formally trained dance artists of the PRC, entering the Beijing Dance School (later to become Beijing Dance Academy), in 1954 after previously having danced with the Wuhan Art Troupe from 1949. While at School, he was invited to perform Shepherd's Flute, the first-ever Chinese ​​classical dance duet ​​and received the Silver Award at the Poland World Festival Dance Competition for his performance in the lead role in Friendship. After graduation he worked in the Wuhan Song and Dance Theatre as Principal Dancer, Head of Dance Ensembles, and Deputy Director (Dance). Sin has also studied Kunqu Opera under the master Liu Zhuanheng.

Coming to Hong Kong in 1981, Sin brought his wealth of experience to his work in Hong Kong as an artistic director, educator, and critic, and in his tireless public service as advisor, director, and representative. Among the many organizations he has served are Hong Kong Dance Company, as teacher, artistic adviser, and Member of the Board of Directors; the Hong Kong Dance Federation, as former Chairperson of Executive Committee and current Artistic Director; the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as a teacher and member of the School of Dance Advisory Committee; the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, as Honorary Advisor (Dance); Advisor for the Chinese Dancers Association; and, Committee Member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. His contribution to dance has been recognized in the 2013 publication Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame.

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