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[中][Eng] 創意空間2016 — 走進編舞的創作思維之中 Creative Space - An Ongoing Journey

1. 排舞前的熱身課堂由七位舞者及兩位編舞輪流帶領,當中有擅長戲劇、街舞、功夫、芭蕾舞、現代舞的舞者,這種打破老師和學生的階級身份、互相分享身體特質的過程,打開了彼此身體不同面向。 The seven dancers and two choreographers take turns giving warm-up class before each rehearsal. Their diverse backgrounds include drama, street dance, martial arts, ballet, and modern dance. Giving class to each other subverts the hierarchy of teacher and student; choreographer and dancer and allows each person to generate different possibilities through sharing their specific movement choices with others. 攝影 Photographer: Daphanie Wong@Cyan Production


Time and space are essential for creativity and artistic development. With the idea of fulfilling these needs as a motivating factor, Hong Kong Dance Alliance initiated a project entitled Creative Space: Residency for Mid-Career Choreographers. Designed as a five-month residency the program provides mid-career artists with comprehensive support – including time to create new work, dancers to work with, space to rehearse the piece, administrative and production support to produce it, and the venue to present audiences with the results. Having had its successful inaugural run in 2013/ 2014, the program is in its second iteration this year with Justyne Li and Lam Po as the selected 2016 artists-in-residence. The world première of their works will be shown on the Springboard Showcase 2016, 17 to 19 of June at Kwai Tsing Theatre - Black Box Theatre. Choreographer Nguyen Ngoc Anh will also join the program with the Hong Kong première of his critically acclaimed Place Prize finalist trio, Cham's Soul. Justyne Li and Lam Po share with dance journal/hk readers their creative journey thus far, after two months of the Residency.

2. Justyne於2006年成立Neo Dance HK,憑新穎、獨特的舞作獲得多個獎項。 Justyne Li, founded Neo Dancer HK in 2006. She has received multiple awards for her unique choreographic and performance style including most recently, with Wong Tan-ki, the Hong Kong Dance Award 2014 for Outstanding Choreography. 攝影 Photographer: Daphanie Wong @Cyan Production

Justyne:專注地享受創作 回歸純粹的舞蹈語言

甫坐在筆者面前不久,Justyne便坦然道出上年因為身心的種種掙扎,經歷了人生低潮,跌跌碰碰來到今年,此計劃讓她能專注地享受創作,陪伴她走出困局。她花了兩星期不作排練,而是與四位舞者們互相了解身體歷史和心靈,亦由此在每一個舞者身上找到了自己的影子和碎片,建設了編與舞之間的聯繫。「我好久沒有全神貫注編舞了,以往的作品大多是自編自舞,今次選擇了全心全意地只當編舞的工作,可以更投入地去觀察與玩弄舞者的身體質感與作品主題的關係,完全是另外一種體驗」,終於可以站在編舞的多個角度去審視自己的作品。 Justyne相信靈魂的永恆存在,對自己的了解越深,越明白自身由什麼組成,「我很好奇為何每個人會選擇以某種『package』做自己,去玩此生的人間遊戲?」,故以《見習人類》名命作品,回歸純粹的舞蹈語言,表達人毫無選擇地被拋擲於世的生存狀態,體現各種人的「設定」(Program) ,從而探索「人」的本質。

Justyne: Focus on the Enjoyment in Creation, Going Back to Pure-Movement In comparison to last year when she experienced one of the lowest

points in her life, Justyne Li is glad to have been selected this year for a Residency that allows her to focus on creation. She started her creative process with a dialogue among the four dancers, talking about their history in terms of both the body and the artistic soul. Through this exchange she discovered experiences and ideas, fragments in each dancer, that mirrored her own. With these she was able to build a connection between choreographing and dancing. Li remarks “I haven’t [solely] focused on choreography, since I both performed and choreographed most of my past works. This time, I chose to only work on choreographing the piece. It lets me observe and play with the quality of the relationship between concept of the dance and the dancer’s movement; it is a totally new experience.” Li can finally step back and see her work from the point of view of a choreographer – she can examine her own work. She believes in the eternality of the human soul, and also believes that the more we learn about ourselves, the more we can understand the construction of ‘self’. “I’m curious about what makes the choice of the kind of ‘package’ each individual has to play the game of life,” Li comments. Hence her new creation Human Internship investigates the essence of ‘man’. She explores the uses of pure-movement to express the state of a predetermined existence, without choices, to embody different kinds of ‘programs’ for each individual.

3. Po曾為城市當代舞蹈團舞者,多年來創作源源不斷,作品亦曾獲頒香港舞蹈年獎。

Lam Po, a former CCDC dancer, is an active choreographer who received

the Hong Kong Dance Award 2012 for Outstanding Choreography. 攝影 Photographer: Daphanie Wong @Cyan Production

Po: 讓舞者在黑色的想像空間遊走 Po一貫沉穩內斂,但透過交談,卻又感受到彷彿無時無刻都有不同的創作靈感在他腦袋裹萌芽誕生。Po說他近年常常失眠,在無眠夜浮現著很多故事,然後因為讀畢《黑暗中的人》一書,發現書本的主角同病相連,身體困在狹隘的夜,思想卻無遠弗屆。透過這駐場計劃,他的新作《That Day》將細說這個關於人在黑暗中的故事,探索人在黑暗中呈現怎樣的可能:「一開始會讓舞者自由想像在黑暗的空間裡自然的反應和狀態,然後慢慢發展動作、氣氛。」一向著重技巧的Po,固然在過程中仔細琢磨動作,但仍強調個人情感的表達理應先於一切。「因為每個人是獨特的,即使有相同技巧,但情感會帶領他們到不同的層次。」對於他揀選的舞者如何呈現自己的作品,他覺得新鮮感十足,也好玩:「三位舞者有不同強項,有懂得用戲劇形式表達自己的,有動作豪邁奔放的,有修長優美的,三者碰撞在一起便很有意思。」

Po: Let the Dancer Meander into the Imagination of Darkness Lam Po often appears calm and reserved but when talking to him you get the sense that infinite creative ideas are going on in his mind. In recent years, he says he frequently has insomnia and during those sleepless nights many stories go through his mind. He has discovered that he shares similar experiences with the insomniac protagonist of Paul Auster’s novel Man in the Dark - the body is trapped in the darkness of night but the mind is limitless. Through the Residency, Lam has been able to elaborate on the story of man in the dark with his new creation That Day and to investigate the possibilities of darkness. Lam explains “At the beginning, I asked the dancers to imagine being in darkness and I observed their responses and different body states. Afterward, I gradually started to develop the movement vocabulary and the atmosphere.”

Details of movement are one of Lam’s focuses. In his creative process, he carefully refines each movement while insisting that individual expressions of emotions should precede everything. He explains, "Each person is unique, their feelings bring out different layers [of meaning] even with the same skills." In choosing dancers for his work for the Residency, he wanted to try something new and fresh and work with dancers from diverse backgrounds. Smiling he notes, "The three dancers have different strengths, one is used to expressing things through the form of drama, one is bold and imaginative, and the third is lyrical - the convergence of the three will be very interesting.”

4. Anh 於二零零二年開始職業編舞家生涯,舞作屢獲殊榮,亦曾與不同知名演出單位如越南歌劇院、

香港/紐約舞團、波斯芭蕾舞團、韋恩 ∙ 麥奎格之隨機現代舞團等合作。 Having danced with Vietnamese Opera Theatre, Dance HK/NY, Le Ballets Persans, and Wayne McGregor Random Dance,

Nguyen NgocAnh began his professional choreographic career in 2002 and has received many awards,

most recently the Hong Kong Dance Award 2015 for Outstanding Choreography.

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