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[中][ENG] 巴塞羅那和巴黎的兩個劇院 Two Theatres - Mercat de les Flors & Chaillot

放眼舞林 An Eye on Dance

巴塞羅那和巴黎的兩個劇院 Two Theatres - Mercat de les Flors & Chaillot


How to promote a city or a country’s vibrant dance development? How to sustain audience development and raise the public’s awareness of the place of dance within performing arts? These are questions that I have kept contemplating throughout my years of working in the arts. With these questions in mind, I introduce two theaters dedicated to dance as a starting point to instigate further dialogue.

巴塞羅那花卉市集劇院 Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona

攝Photo: Pau Fabregat

巴塞羅那花卉市集劇院中最大的劇院 Sala MAC Sala MAC, the biggest venue in Mercat de les Flors

攝Photo: Pau Fabregat

西班牙的巴塞羅那花卉市集劇院座立於Plaça Margarida Xirgu環形區内,與勒呂爾劇院和西班牙戲劇學院組成Ciutat del Teatre劇院群。1985年,巴塞羅那市政府和文化局支持表演藝術,改建位於蒙特惠奇山旁,於1929年國際博覽會而興建的農業宮,成為一個主辨本地和國際表演藝術演出的市政劇院。劇院初期以策展劇場和多元表演藝術節目爲主,隨着時間發展,漸漸步向以舞蹈為主軸的劇院,現已成為歐洲舞蹈中心網絡的Dancehouse 成員之一,以促進藝術卓越為目標,並積極聯結世界級舞團和作品。巴塞羅那花卉市集劇院已成為當地主要推動舞蹈和動作藝術發展的樞紐,全年為四個演出場地—三個分別有436、320、80個座位的劇場和一個佔地240平方米多功能表演場館暨排練室策展舞蹈節目、工作坊、藝術節和國際交流等活動。同時巴塞羅那花卉市集劇院亦兼管理El Grane一個舞蹈動作和舞蹈創作的研究中心。主辦舞蹈藝術家駐場和其他文化拓展藝術合作項目,為藝術家促進創作實踐,提升國際聯結,推動藝術流動,倡議學術討論和爲觀眾提供教育工作,發揮舞蹈發展關鍵作用。

Barcelona’s Mercat de les Flors is situated inside Plaça Margarida Xirgu together with Teatre Lliure and Institut del Teatre. It is one of the three theater venues that form the municipal theater - Ciutat del Teatre. In 1985, the City of Barcelona and the Council of Culture initiated their support of performing arts by renovating the Argicultural Palace, built for the International Expo in 1929 on the hillside of Montjuïc into Mercat de les Flors, aiming to present local and international performing arts productions. In the beginning, the direction of programing for the theater was mainly drama as well as a diversity of performing arts productions, as time has passed, however, it has focused more on dance and has become a member of the European Dancehouse Network. With a goal of stimulating artistic excellence locally and connecting with world-class dance companies and performance, Mercat de les Flors is the core center in Barcelona for movement development, organizing all year-round performance programs, workshops, dance festivals, and international exchange programs for its 436 seat, 320 seat, and 80 seat theaters, as well as for its 240 square meter multi-functional performance venue. At the same time, it also manages EI Graner, a research center for creation and study of the body and movement. El Graner hosts artist residencies and other artistic cooperation projects to ensure the promotion of creative practices, to advance international connections, increase the visibility of the arts, initiate academic discussions, and provide audience education programs; it plays a key role in the development of dance.

法國巴黎的夏佑宮國家劇院Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Dance in Paris

圖片來源 Photo Source: Chaillot- Théâtre national de la Dance

法國巴黎的夏佑宮國家劇院是法國五個國家劇院之一,也是唯一一個自2000年起以舞蹈為核心主辨節目的劇院。劇院位於法國首都巴黎中心地段第16區,劇院大堂俯瞰世界著名景點特羅卡德羅廣埸的噴泉和艾菲爾鐵塔並鄰近香榭麗舍大道。 劇院每晚可容納1600個觀眾在其三個劇場內(其中一個中型劇場正在進行裝修,於九月重啟)。劇院全年邀請約三十個舞蹈節目,包括製作兩至三部新作品。據劇院製作人介紹,每個邀請節目一般演出一至兩個星期,平均達九成以上票房,觀眾群來至全法國和以至其他國家。夏佑宮國家劇院是卓越舞蹈的標誌,同時亦具重要歴史背景—1948年《世界人權宣言》於此劇院簽署,法國選一個如此的獨特地理位置和地標的建築作為舞蹈的「家」,一方面既能表揚舞蹈藝術對國家的貢獻和重視舞蹈作為表演藝術的地位,另一方面亦能推動國際交流,有助提高卓越作品的水平。

In Paris, Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Dance is one of the five French National Theatres, also the only theater dedicated to dance orientated programs since 2000. It is located in the center of Paris in the the 16th arrondissement’s Palais de Chaillot. The lobby of the Theater overlooks the world-famous fountains of the Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower and is next to the Champs Elysees. The theater can accommodate audiences of more than 1,600 every night in its three theater; one of the medium size theaters is being renovated this year. It invites about 30 dance performances throughout the year including two to three new in-house productions. According to the in-house producer, on average, every invited performance performs one to two weeks and has ticket sales of at least 90% of capacity; audiences are both French and international. Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Dance is a symbol of prestigious dance, and important to the history of France as it is where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1948. That the French government has given such an important historical and unique geographical location for a house of dance, on the one hand, praises the contribution of dance to the country and recognizes the important status of dance in the performing arts. On the other hand, it promotes international exchanges and raises the level of outstanding performance.


In gathering forces to promote arts development, in the next issue, I will continue to investigate theaters built for, or orientated towards, dance.

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