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[中][ENG] 總監主場 Artistic Director's Home: 曹德寶 Hugh Cho


Artistic Director's Home

今期嘉賓 Guest of the Issue:

Hugh Cho曹德寶

TS Crew藝術總監

Artistic Director of TS Crew

翻譯Translation: Chermaine Lee

從香港演藝學院舞蹈系畢業後,才驚覺自己原來還在表演路途上的起步階段。畢業後曾參與很多不同類型的演出,需要應用到不同的技巧及能力,自覺不足唯有邊學邊做,錯敗不餒。種種經歷在不知不覺間建構成一種價值觀,而遇上價值觀相近的表演者時便惺惺相識。他們不介意通宵排練,不介意5度低溫的晚上在戶外公園綵排,這種純粹可遇而不可求,是對創作及表演藝術的「愛」,亦是TS Crew的雛形。2017年2月,TS Crew正式成立。

After graduating from the School of Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, I came to realize I was still at the beginning of my performing career. I participated in many different types of performances after leaving school, which demanded that I applied different techniques and abilities. I felt inadequate for this so it was a matter of learning on the job , and never giving up amid setbacks. These experiences gradually formed a set of values, and whenever I meet performers with similar values, we click and connect. They don’t mind burning the midnight oil, or rehearsing in an outdoor park on a 5-degree night. This passion is rare to encounter – it is the “love” for creation and the performing arts, and also what TS Crew was based on, which was officially established in February 2017.

TS Crew;攝:Travis Yuen

TS Crew是一個獨特的組合,團員各有自身專長,但又能於共同經歷當中發展出一套獨一無二的協調。我們的技巧涉及了香港表演行業當中很多不同的領域,包括街頭賣藝、舞蹈、戲劇、主題樂園、旅遊景點、粵劇、舞獅、Capoeira(巴西戰舞)、電影、武術等等。而當中我們會將舞蹈、粵劇及武術鞏固為舞團的技術基礎,在這基礎上作更深入的發展及創作。以作品聯繫社區、社會是我們的首要考量,他們的回應及我們的自省是令作品有更深層次發展的要素,亦令作品更能反映社區及當下社會的現實,換句話說更能代表本土香港。

TS Crew is a unique group, with individual members bringing different skills, but developing a distinctive collaboration through our experiences. Our skills involve many sectors in the performance industry in Hong Kong, including busking, dance, theatre, theme parks, tourist spots, Cantonese opera, lion dance, Capoeira, film, martial arts, among others. Dance, Cantonese opera and martial arts form the technical foundation for our group, from which we develop and create further. Our first consideration for making work is connecting the community and society. Their responses and our self-reflections are pivotal to the deepening of our work. This also allows our pieces to reflect the community and current social realities, in other words, they represent the local Hong Kong.

在現今社會裡,若只有當初的純粹,生活並不容易。藝術的創作建構自生活,所以要先有生活,才有更大空間去創作。表演藝術是TS Crew的專長,亦是生存技巧,這點非常重要,不能忘記。我們的創作除了要有一定的藝術水平,作品也要連繫大眾,亦要能拓展到商業演出的範疇。藝術,大眾,商演三者共通共連,環環相扣,缺一不可。作為一個表演團體必需建立品牌,透過三者同驅並進,TS Crew 漸漸成為一個品牌。每一位成員除了有自我的價值觀及自己的生活外,又不能脫離團體的結構核心,因為每一個成員都是核心。在現今個人主義極強的社會氛圍下,這是一個較難理解的概念,尤其現今舞蹈界講求個人風格,成了建立舞團的最大障礙。更確切地說,這個概念就是溝通,亦是藝術創作的根本,這個概念不能實踐的話,團體只是一個脆弱的空談。

曹德寶作品《順》Hugh Cho’s Along;圖:HDX

In current society, life is not easy if we only have passion. Artistic creation arises from life, so we first need to make a living to allow for more spaces to create. Performing arts is TS Crew’s strength, and also what we live on – this is a critical point that we cannot forget. Our creation not only has to reach a certain artistic standard, but it also has to connect with the public and be able to extend into the area of commercial performances. Art, the public and commercial performances are the three links in the chain, and none can be dispensed with.. As a performing group, building our own brand is a must, and advancing these three facets together was how TS Crew gradually grew into a brand. Each member has their own values and lives, but they cannot detach from the