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[中][ENG]《癲鵝湖》新視野藝術節預覽 Swan Lake/Loch na hEala - New Vision Arts Festival Preview

攝Photo: Marie-Laure Briane; 圖片由新視野藝術節 Photo provided by New Vision Arts Festival


To contemporary creators, putting new wine in old bottles is not a rare happening. However, even if the audience nowadays have seen many “classic adaptation” or “re-interpretation” creations, when they see Swan Lake/Loch na hEala, they cannot help being amazed at the freshly hilarious and unexpected plot.


Swan Lake/Loch na hEala is adapted from classic Russian ballet Swan Lake by maverick Irish choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan. Keegan-Dolan believes that Swan Lake is about “power” so he brings this keyword out and sharpens it with a contemporary twist. The plot in the original piece is completely replaced: the love story between the prince and princess was scrapped, and instead, replaced by the current issues we care about. Keegan-Dolan’s Swan Lake offers its own take on the underprivileged communities, depression, mental illnesses, and sexual abuse, which reveal the creators’ social awareness and responsibility.


The choreography is full of lampoon. It looks random and spontaneous, but in fact, the plot is hidden with foreshadowing and implications. The ups and downs, the happy and the tragic - all connect with the intertwining web outside the theatre and make me contemplate. We always say watching shows is to escape from the noisy world and take refuge into a utopia, yet, theatre space not only creates a utopia, it also reflects current affairs - reminding the audience to pay heed to the forgotten or neglected facts in the city’s hidden corners and the gaps in history.


I think, there’s nothing “crazy” about Swan Lake/ Loch na hEala. Under the facade of lampoon and exaggeration, it reveals the feelings in the Chinese poem, “Saying that I’m crazy, others just laugh at me; I laugh at others for the truth they cannot see.”


《癲鵝湖》Swan Lake/ Loch na hEala

編劇/導演/編舞Writer, Director, and Choreographer: 米高‧基謹杜蘭 Michael Keegan-Dolan

佈景設計Set Designer: Sabine Dargent

服裝設計Costume Designer: Hyemi Shin

燈光設計Lighting Designer: Adam Silverman

現場音樂Live Music: Slow Moving Clouds

葵青劇院演藝廳 Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

16-17/11(8pm); 18/11 (3pm)

節目詳情 Program Detail:

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