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[中][ENG]《幻之森》新視野藝術節預覽Tree of Codes - New Vision Arts Festival Preview

《幻之森》Tree of Code; 攝Photo: Ravi Deepre; 圖片由新視野藝術節 Photo provided by New Vision Arts Festival

文學與舞蹈的關聯不可謂不多:先是台灣知名編舞家林懷民將屈原的《九歌》搬上舞台,而正當紅的英國藝術家韋恩‧麥奎格,改編由美國作家莊拿芬‧福爾剪裁刪削1930年代小說《鱷魚街》所作的「雕刻書」《Tree of Codes》成為舞台作品。

The connection between literature and dance is strong: The renowned Taiwanese choreographer Lin Huai-min put Qu Yuan’s The Nine Songs on stage, while the popular British artist Wayne McGregor adapted a “sculptured book” Tree of Codes, which was carved out words from the 1930s novel, Street of Crocodiles, into a stage production.

《幻之森》將於今年新視野藝術節期間在香港上演。雖說「跨界」這個詞在當下的藝術語境中,或多或少有氾濫之嫌,但我們仍不得不承認,韋恩‧麥奎格與視覺藝術家奧拉弗‧艾里亞森以及音樂創作人Jamie xx的合作,並不像很多所謂「跨界」作品那樣,只是簡單地將若干元素拼湊疊合在一起,而是樂意尋找文學、音樂與舞蹈等多種媒介相處並往來的可能方向。

Tree of Codes will be put on stage in Hong Kong during the New Vision Arts Festival. Although the word “interdisciplinary” seems to be overused in describing the arts, we have to admit that the collaboration amongst McGregor, visual artist Olafur Eliasson, and music creator Jamie xx is not the same as many so-called “interdisciplinary” pieces. Instead of simply collaging a few elements together, it seeks the possible direction of merging literature with music and dance.


Tree of Codes debuted at the Manchester International Festival in summer 2015 and received wide acclaim, prompting it to tour around Europe. The next stop for it is Hong Kong. Schulz’s novels are eccentric and full of changes and twists. Tree of Codes inherited the literary style of the novel, while the creators turn the stage into a space for “dreams”. Olafur Eliasson, the visual art genius from Northern Europe, uses extensive symbols including mirrors, which conjures up a mysterious stage with multiple layers, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

另外值得一提的,是麥奎格與Jamie xx的強強聯手。當代芭蕾及現代舞編舞家麥奎格欣賞Jamie xx音樂中率性律動及富有張力的節奏,試圖將這兩種氣質相去甚遠的語彙串聯糅合在一起。在麥奎格看來,芭蕾不是古董,需要不斷汲取並創新。若將這一觀點擴闊至全部藝術情境中,亦不乏道理。

What’s also notable is the collaboration between McGregor and Jamie xx. A contemporary ballet dance choreographer, McGregor appreciated Jamie xx’s music which is catchy and upbeat. He attempted to blend the two words with different vibes together. To McGregor, ballet is no antique and needs constant external intake to be innovative. It makes sense to expand this to all artistic endeavours.


《幻之森》Tree of Codes

新視野藝術節 Newvision Arts Festival

導演及編舞Director/Choreographer: 韋恩‧麥奎格 Wayne McGregor

音樂Music: Jamie xx

視覺概念 Visual Concept: 奧拉弗‧艾里亞森 Olafur Eliasson

香港文化中心大劇院 Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

19-20/10 (8pm); 21/10 (3pm)

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