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編者話 Editor's Note


With this issue, we begin our 20th continuous year of publishing dance journal/ hk. Thanks to our readers, the dedication of our writers, and the support of the dance community, we have been able to grow and mature over the last two decades. From its inception, the journal has focused on dance reviews, dance news, and diverse articles relating to dance. Most recently, content has been expanded to include interviews with local and international dance leaders and practitioners, columns exploring dance trends here and abroad, special feature articles looking at a gamut of issues important to dance, and stories of interest to the dance community. An online platform has also been launched with additional features including video content.


As the only periodical exclusively devoted to dance in Hong Kong, among other aims, dance journal/hk seeks to encourage a dialogue between audiences and artists, promote dance appreciation, develop dance audiences, and record the history of dance in Hong Kong.


To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the journal will launch a series of special articles and videos. In upcoming issues, both in-print and on-line, we will invite artists, editors, critics, writers, and others who have contributed to Hong Kong dance development over the past 20 years, to share their stories with us. It will not only be a look at the past, but an invitation to imagine and share plans and visions for the future. Stay tuned!


To get started, the journal will also upload over a hundred more issues from the early years of publication to the online platform under the heading “Past Issues”. These files can be accessed freely. And to give contemporary readers a foothold into our history, the journal will also provide reading guides and recommendations from our writers.


Your continued support energizes us to make dance journal/hk the best it can be and enables us to keep spreading the good word on Hong Kong dance. Thank you!


Tom Brown, Editor

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