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[中][ENG]《碰上碰》新視野藝術節預覽 Negotiation - New Vision Arts Festival Preview

(左Left) 奧里‧康坤拉(法國/老撾)Olé Khamchanla (France/Laos); (右Right) 皮歇‧克朗淳(泰國)Pichet Klunchun (Thailand) 攝Photo: N. Jirasatit; 圖片由新視野藝術節 Photo provided by New Vision Arts Festival


Compared to the English title Negotiation, the Chinese title can be understood literally as “clashing on clashing”, giving off more energy and power. Ole Khamchanla and Pichet Klunchun, two dancer-choreographers from Laos and Thailand respectively, will reveal their own talents at a radiant dance show during the New Vision Arts Festival in November.

「碰」的主角不單是不同文化背景的舞者,也有箜舞(泰國宮廷舞)與嘻哈(hip hop)這兩種迥然不同的舞蹈類別。箜舞在綿延數百年的發展過程中,已然形成固定程式,舉手投足皆有講究;反觀hip-hop,更相信直覺和即興,根本不願意拘泥在傳統中。舞種的天然差異,將為兩舞者的發揮提供充足空間:他們可以應和,可以互動往來,甚至可以彼此質疑爭鬥。如果只是相敬如賓,未免太過寡淡;因「碰撞」而生出的戲劇感,倒也饒具趣味。

The “clash” doesn’t only refer to dancers from different cultural backgrounds, but also the different dance genres: Khon and hip hop. With a history of hundreds of years, Khon has a fixed formula so every move is meticulous; while hip hop dance focuses on intuition and spontaneity – tradition becomes a limit. The fundamental differences of the two dance genres provide possibilities for the two dancers: they can echo each other, interact with each other, or even suspect and fight with each other. If they respect each other too much, the show will become boring; whilst the drama from “clashing” can be interesting.

(左Left) 皮歇‧克朗淳(泰國)Pichet Klunchun (Thailand) (右Right) 奧里‧康坤拉(法國/老撾)Olé Khamchanla (France/Laos);

攝Photo: C. Rausch; 圖片由新視野藝術節 Photo provided by New Vision Arts Festival


As duets are mostly performed by a man and a woman, I look forward to the male duo in this collaboration. The dancers’ bodies will clash and exude power, adding colours to the piece. Negotiation has no intention to talk about an over-complicated story, so the presentation of the dancers’ movement becomes critical. From the intimacy, separation, and the distance somewhere in between the dancers on the stage, the audience will reflect on themselves and on the surroundings, which may inspire resonance and thoughts within them.


Have you ever been indulged in a relationship? Have you met a person who is completely different from you, yet equally unforgettable? At a glance, Negotiation illustrates the difference between the dance genres and dancers, but in a broader sense, it is about the inevitable life scenarios for all of us.



編舞/演出Choreographers & Performers: 奧里‧康坤拉(法國/老撾)Olé Khamchanla (France/Laos), 皮歇‧克朗淳(泰國)Pichet Klunchun (Thailand)

香港大會堂劇院 Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall

2-3/11 (8pm)

節目詳情 Program Detail:

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