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[中] [ENG]《舞蹈手札》的早期作者群象 Writers of dance journal/hk in the Early Years


In the last issue, we reviewed the birth of dance journal/hk and the ups and downs during its infancy. In this issue, we will slowly shift the focus from former editors to a group whose great contributions are equally indispensable – writers and critics.



To measure the success of a publication, apart from its editorial positioning, design and layout, the critical elements that keep readers coming back are the abundance of content and if writers actually have something to say. As in the previous article, the founding editor-in-chief Willy Tsao said that resources were so tight when he started dance journal/hk that he could not invite contributions from renown critics. Editors at the time had to write articles themselves. At the same time, they also tried to make use of their network and invite their friends in the industry to write for dance journal/hk. They were encouraged to share dance-related information or reviews of dances, out of their professional knowledge and unique perspective.

Susan Street with Tom Brown與白朗唐的合照;照片由受訪者提供 Photo provided by Susan Street



Another originator of the journal, Tom Brown said that performance reviews aside, feature articles were also a key pillar of dance journal/hk at the time. He recalled a few in-depth multi-part features by Tsao, including one analyzing the characteristics of Hong Kong dance, and another one looking at the value of contemporary dance. Brown said he’d forgotten the full content of the former article, but he could not forget Tsao’s identification of “lightness” as one of the characteristics of Hong Kong dance. It prompted Brown to write his own in-depth two-part article in the journal entitled “Things Said in Jest” on lightness in the works of leading Hong Kong choreographers. For Tsao’s latter article, Brown still thinks it’s worth contemplating. These two articles left a great impression on him.

而時任香港演藝學院舞蹈學院院長的Susan Street(Susan),也在Tom接手總編輯一職後,獲邀寫了三篇有關芭蕾舞的英文篇章。Susan憶述當時Tom希望《舞》的內容能夠盡量涵蓋不同舞種,所以希望Susan可以寫一些有關芭蕾的文章,故她就以自己的藝術碩士論文內容出發,分三篇文章,深入淺出地說明有關古典芭蕾的歷史發展與特色,並探討與叩問芭蕾舞的本質。

Susan Street, the then Dean of Dance of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA), was invited to write three pieces in English about ballet when Brown was the editor-in-chief. Street said at the time, Brown strove to cover different dance genres in dance journal/hk, so he asked her to contribute articles about ballet. Based on her dissertation in her Master’s degree, she illustrated the history, features of classical ballet, and dug deep into its nature in her three-part series.

2000年,創刊人曹誠淵和編務助理及排版的黃翠玲獲頒香港舞蹈年獎,頒獎嘉賓為費明儀(中)。Founder of dance journal/hk Willy Tsao and Scarlet Wong, who was responsible in design and layout, receiving Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2000 from Barbara Fei (Center) for their efforts.

2000年,在學時A-Hock (Center)(左)與同學Scarlet Yu代表香港演藝學院舞蹈學院在「香港舞蹈年獎」上領獎。In 2000, Ah-Hock and his colleague Scarlet Yu represented the School of Dance, HKAPA to receive Hong Kong Dance Award.